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Time on Saturday was going quickly. I waked up very early, probably I was a little nervous. After breakfast I have done my latest work on my desk, answered emails, payed the last bills. Then I have bought the latest things in town. Now I had all the time of the world, I thought. I started at 17:00 to pack my rucksack but it took longer than expected so get panicky. But my wife has organized all very efficient and quickly, so all my things were packed. I donned the rucksack and I thought I will break down. And beside that I have a very heavy bag with all the technical equipment, laptop, iPad, camera and all accessories.

My kids have organized a goodbye barbeque in our garden and now I would have my last “square meal”. What a great idea!

From 20:00 on I was really nervous. My family got me with the cars to the train station Darmstadt-Arheilgen, where our friends Albrecht and Iris Gill were waiting with a bottle of champagne. It was a more cordial valediction. Never ever in my life I was so long away from my wife and my family.

I was sitting in the train to Frankfurt and suddenly all my commotions went away. Now the start was done and the program will go according to the plan. Due to the early departure I had no fear to miss the train in Frankfurt. At Frankfurt-Süd station I findf the right platform very quickly. Here the direct train to Moscow will start at 22:18.

Exactly on time the train arrives at the station. I don my heavy rucksack and look for wagon no. 265. As I climb the stairs into the wagon the conductor comes towards and I have to go backwards out of the train. Due to the high center of gravity of my rucksack I nearly lose my balance. The conductor wants to check my travel ticket, but unfortunately it was packed deep into the pocket. So now I know: the train ticket will be checked in front of the wagon and NOT inside.

The aisle to the department is so small that I touch both walls with my rucksack at the same time. Luckily noboby come towards. I find my compartment very quick, but the door is closed. As I open the door I am surprised. In the lower bed is a sleeping woman. I thought, all compartment are separated by male/female. She is astonished as I am.

I climb with the aluminium ladder into the very upper bed and fall asleep immediately.